Employment Coaching and Counseling

Job Hunters Guide To Inside Information

The Cypher Group is recognized as one of the top employment coaching and counseling firms in America.Our client companies range in size from the world’s largest national and international institutions and corporations to the smaller privately held businesses and institutions.

Our employment, coaching and consulting service is tailored to meet the individual’s needs in assisting all titles, profiles and industries.

Our employment, coaching and consulting sessions include, but are not limited to:


  • Targeting the job seeker’s objectives (finding the hidden job market)
  • Vocational and employment assessment testing
  • Designing key word cover letters and resumes (the new technology)
  • Understanding the (5) steps in the face-to-face interview process
  • Key questions you need to ask during the interview (interview the interviewer)
  • Handling objections and disqualifying questions on the interview using O.B. or B.O.B
  • How to answer the (6) “killer” interview questions
  • How to negotiate salary and benefits
  • Dress for success
  • How to fill out the company application
  • References you should have
  • Six (6) components to the interviewer’s questionnaire checklist
  • Resignation letters and counteroffers