Career Opportunities

As a business brokerage organization, The Cypher Group offers career opportunities.

1.  Owning and operating a Cypher Group office.

2.  Working as an independent consultant business broker for The Cypher Group.

The following paragraphs summarize these opportunities.

There has never been a more exciting time to become a business broker owner. A large percentage of the world’s wealth is represented by small to medium-sized business owners. As we mature and the “baby boom” generation moves into retirement, we will witness the greatest transfer of wealth the world has ever seen. The opportunity for the business brokerage community is unparalleled as small to medium-sized business owners will require competent and professional assistance in the transfer of their most valuable assets to interested parties.  Experienced business brokers and intermediaries are sought out by anyone seriously looking to sell or buy a business.

In addition, corporate downsizing has created a large supply of ready, willing and able buyers who are looking to replace their incomes and gain greater control of their careers. For some, it is almost a necessity to buy a business rather than attempt to re-enter the workforce late in the career life cycle.

If you are interested in the business brokerage profession call 724-747-7777, or email

Become a Broker:

Business brokerage is a growing industry. With the aging population of business owners, there are tremendous opportunities for competent and professional business brokers and intermediaries. Our brokers operate as independent contractors, enjoying a great deal of personal and professional freedom while leveraging their existing knowledge and experience in a new and lucrative career.

A successful broker can expect to earn a six figure annual income. Our brokers come from a diverse career background including: accounting, law, finance, real estate, engineering, business administration, and sales and marketing. If you are searching for a career that will challenge your knowledge and skills, provide personal and professional growth in a rewarding environment, then you should consider joining our team of professional business intermediaries.


The ideal candidate has the following skills or characteristics:

  • Desire to work with a wide range of people
  • Good organizational and time management skills
  • Sales experience
  • Creative thinking
  • Knowledge of financial statements and interpretations
  • A degree in business or related discipline is helpful
  • A desire to learn continually
  • Strong work ethic
  • Highest levels of integrity and character
  • Desire to help people and solve problems
  • Prior business ownership experience is a plus
  • Comfortable and confident working in a  commission-only environment with high income potential